Modification des articles L 42 et L47. Abdoulaye Wade un néo- libéral pour tuer le travail ? Adama explique

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  1. Hello Adama,

    I have to agree with your comments in this wonderful programme. It is such a shame that Senegal has become a State where if you are not rich; a marabou or from a marabou family, it would be extremely difficult to get medical help. President Wade and his clones, including his son, have done nothing for Senegal but mismanaged the Country ’s finances. There is no shame with this man whatsoever. He goes around bragging as if Senegal belongs to him and his family. I was appalled when I found that that, the land belonging to the Serere – Saffene had been taken and given out. The treachery of Wade and his clones know no bounds. The land belonged to the Serere-Saffene. It was passed down to them from their ancestors according to ancient custom. These people are farmers. They have used their land to make a living for their families for generations beyond memory. I am shocked and disgusted! What is wrong with this president? It is such a shame that Africa is full of wicked leaders like these. Absolutely disgusting!

    Thank you



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