[Vidéo] Suivez « Senegaal ca kanam » avec Tounkara de ce jeudi 5 septembre 2013 – 2sTV

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  1. The more i listen to Tunkara the more disappointed i become. Tunkara seems to think being able to speak French and having a degree is synonymous with being able to be a minister of state. His complex with the likes of Youssou Ndour cannot be hidden. LOOK AT HIS REACTION WHEN GASTON MBENGUE MENTIONED YOUSSOU’S NAME DURING HIS PROGRAMME.The reality in Africa is the so-called educated or ‘intellectual class’ are the ones who have held the continent back. They speak a language the majority do not understand. Tunkara seems to forget that President Reagan was a film actor whose contribution to America is still being felt. John Major of the former British PM left school at 16. There many like them around the world. Youssou Ndour may not be educated in the French language but he is providing employment for hundreds of Senegalese. The portfolio of Minister of Tourism does not require any high level of education. Youssou whatever his weaknesses is one of the most recognisable Senegalese internationally. He has done a lot with what he was given. Tunkara or his likes has no evidence other than speculative innuendo that Youssou is incapable of running what he was given. And finally, Senegal is backward mainly because the many false ‘intellectuals’ parading themselves around. From independence til now it has been the ‘so-called educated intellectual’ that has been running our nation and we are no where. From Senghor through Diouf and Wade to Sall (all very able in the French language), Senegal is going backward. Self made people like Youssou Ndour are what makes a country move forward. Tunkara with all your so-called intellectualism you are just a mere lackey of Alhajj Njai who is very bitter with Youssou. You guys should get a life and leave Youssou Ndour alone.


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