Pa, this is the Soldier. Fellow GAMBIANS, dictator Jammeh is a serial killer, womanizer and liar. Today, the Soldier will tell Jammeh that our network is UNSTOPPABLE. Dictator Jammeh lied to the press in GHANA that his new wife  » NORA JAMMEH » and mother were staying in the Gambia when he was a soldier and was giving them a helping hand. What a big lie from the president of the republic of the Gambia. Dictator Jammeh the Soldier was in KUMASI for two years and I know that family very well. Dictator Jammeh just ask them what I told your mother in-law four years ago. Dictator Jammeh’s mother in-law is a very smart lady but I am an agent of freedom newspaper and never on this earth she outsmart me. Dictator Jammeh ask her who did she first approached about marrying her daughter to you. I will leave that until at a time my editor asks me to do so. Dictator Jammeh your wife  » NORA » was never living in the Gambia. Dictator Jammeh Nora and her mom in fact travelled out of Ghana only once in 2012 to the Gambia at the courtesy of your devil invitation. Dictator Jammeh I know very well the school she attended and her boy friend in KUMASI called MIKE ATLEY.
Dictator Jammeh to show you that we know your wife . Just ask her about Mike Atley. Dictator Jammeh, you know what that Mike is well connected in the present government of Ghana, ask your Consular in Ghana. Dictator Jammeh your mother in-law just sent you a letter which contained her daughter’s beautiful pictures.
Dictator Jammeh, the letter was passed through your so-called PHD Njogu Bah. Dictator Jammeh do you remember that faithful day in your office when Njogu Bah brought the letter and Nora’s pictures to your attention. You were so happy when you read the letter. Dictator Jammeh they just sent you a letter and a picture offering you to marry Nora. Dictator Jammeh you cannot deny this.
You are a disgrace to your family and the country. Dictator Jammeh it was at that spot you instructed Njogu to work on their arrival to the country. When Njogu Bah contacted them they agreed to come but they said that they have never traveled outside of GHANA and as result they don’t have any PASSPORTS. Dictator Jammeh you sent them some money so they can get passports. Dictator Jammeh the lady and her mom were in the same flight to Ethiopia.
Dictator Jamme you are a disgrace for our beloved country. Dictator Jammeh you married her after sleeping with her in Ethiopia. You never informed your family in the Gambia, you never informed DEVIL ZEINAB. Dictator Jammeh, just tell the people the TRUTH, you have been married nine times. So where is Devil Zeinab Souma.
Dictator Jammeh, in fact when Njogu Bah came back from your office with the letter in his hands he said in Wollof  » DOMIHARAMBI GIGHEN REK. Njogu said this in his office  » that you are bastard only marrying different women ». Ask your office, tell them to swear, you will find out. And Njogu is right, you are a DOMIHARAM. We are afraid that you may pass some kind of SEXUAL diseases to your nine wives, maybe this is what cursed your children because you are playing with WOMEN.
Pa, for those defending the execution of the MILE-2 NINE, we heard you loud and clear. We respect your opinion, but please just HELP the families receive the dead bodies. That is all what we are asking for, where are the bodies Isatou Njie Saidy, minister Juwara, Yankuba Colley and others.
This is The Soldier, RIP Mile-2 Nine, Ello Jallow my personal comrade.


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